Tuesday, October 7, 2014

LETTER 53: The one where Tessa's Got Bishop

What a great week (: 

We had a fantastic Sister Training Leader meeting this week. Something we talked a lot about was really developing unconditional love like the Savior. None of us deserve the Savior's love, yet He freely took our sins knowing it would be immensely difficult for Him. It's so important that we learn to represent Christ through our own 'Gardens of Gethsemane.' As we put on the altar of sacrifice our pride and pain, we can love people unconditionally. We can truly love people for who they are, not what they did--looking past their actions.

We've been teaching a bunch. Also working on creating some maps to organize our area better! We realized that the spirit has a really difficult time guiding us when we have no idea where we are or who's in the area haha so now we are really cracking down on organizing! It'll help lots to be able to be guided more where we need to be.

We went on exchanges this week and had a super revelatory experience. Learned tons! It's amazing how God has placed experiences in my life and taught me the things I need to know, so that on exchanges He can draw from them to guide me in helping the sisters. I really feel the greatest blessing is being an instrument in God's hands. There's nothing like walking away from a lesson, exchange, contact, etc. knowing that God was purely speaking through me. Not even remembering what I said, but knowing that it was what the person needed and the spirit was doing the talking.

There's much I could say, but it is harder than I thought to write out everything I'm experiencing and learning on my mission! God is way too good to me--and to each of us. He is always running to our aid. We don't have to cross the finish line to receive blessings from God. All He wants is for us to reach out to Him. I love this work with my whole heart! This gospel has made me happier than I ever imagined.

Thank you for all you do!

--Sister Bishop

My new companion! Sister Lewis (:

Got Bishop?

We've started volunteering twice a week at a Paraplegic home. This is Vicky! We painted with her this week (:

With Siddhi at church!

Bowling zone activity!


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