Tuesday, October 21, 2014

LETTER 60: The one where Tessa appreciates the melting pot


It's been such a great week (: 

We had Mission Leadership Council, Zone Training Meeting, and of course--General Conference! A good line up for sure (: 

There's tons I want to say. Literally...TONS. But I'm short on time. 

This week, we started teaching Gary from Jamaica, Sunny from India, and Blessing from Nigeria! Our teaching pool is seriously so diverse. I love serving in a melting pot. I've learned a bunch about all different cultures and religions. It makes me appreciate that much more just what the gospel can do for people. No matter their background, culture, or current situation--the gospel is true for everyone and can help every single person. Like Elder Bednar said in Conference, "there is absolute truth in a world that hates absolutes."

One of my very favorite talks (along with most everyone) was Jorg Klebingat's. His straightforward talk on 6 steps for gaining confidence before God was very powerful! A recap from my notes (:
1. Take responsibility for your spirituality 
2. Take responsibility for your physical body
3. Embrace voluntary whole-hearted obedience
4. Become really really good at repenting thoroughly and quickly
5. Become really really good at forgiving
6. Accept trials and setbacks as part of God's plan

That's all for this week. Things are going very well. I love the things God is teaching me. I know this gospel provides the best way of life. It opens the way for us to reach our potential. 

Love you all!

--Sister Bishop

At the dentist for Sister Lewis (:

Unplanned matching with Sister Marlow at Conference!

Look how great this is! All of the Great California San Fernando Mission (: 

(Minus Pres and Sis Hall--they still have to photoshop themselves in)

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