Tuesday, October 7, 2014

LETTER 58: The one where Tessa tries to be a light, not a judge


Good news! I'm not getting transferred (: Which means I'm mostly likely finishing my last 2 transfers here in Northridge YSA! Woohoo (: I'm really happy and grateful. I love this area and the people here with all my heart. 

We've had exchanges this week, some great lessons, contacting--all that good stuff (: We have been teaching Nick, who is the most sincere, genuine guy! He asked us about baptism haha. And you know they're solid when they start taking notes during the lesson (; what I love very most about teaching is when it's the kind of environment where you're all learning from each other. I feel like each time we meet with Nick and various other investigators, it's like that. We all are uplifted and edified, which is how it should be and one key indicator that the Spirit is there. Teaching isn't about spouting off a message. It's about listening and loving the person. Letting God guide the discussion. It's beautiful and amazing, I feel so uplifted each time. 

We had the great blessing of going to the temple visitor's center with Siddhi! Janelle came with us as well. It was a lovely experience, the Spirit is just so thick there. We talked a lot about the importance of temples and having a modern prophet today. Something I love tons is that God never intended for His instruction to end at "Revelations" in the Bible. He didn't just give us one Bible for eternity and that's it. He follows a careful pattern, calling prophets and reaching out to us. He's given us the Book of Mormon today and tons of modern revelation and guidance. God wants us to know that Heaven is wide open! It's not over. His work moves forward.

Oh, also at the temple I had the lovely surprise of seeing my cousin, Lindsey (: Haha that was a shock! She was photographing a wedding there. Such a cool coincidence (:

One quote to carry around in your head:
"Be a light, not a judge."
Lift, encourage, inspire, and bless people, rather than judge. Let God's love flow through us and reach others.

That's all I got for this week (: Things are going great. I'm loving every second. Thank you for each of your examples. If you have anything you've been learning lately, please share (:

--Sis Bishop

Our district--I missed the memo about it being a silly picture haha

On exchanges at the CSUN campus--the letters spell CSUN from two different directions, it's pretty cool (:

I think I could live here forever.

Bishop Patton! He takes us to Panda Express for "secret lunch club" every week.

Temple trip with Siddhi and Janelle (:

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