Tuesday, October 21, 2014

LETTER 59: The one where Tessa Meets the Mormons

It seems like so much has happened that you all don't know about yet...it's weird having big things happen and just accepting it and moving on with life, then coming to email on Mondays and realize nobody else knows yet. Haha so the main big thing I'm referring to is (drumroll please...)

Our mission has been chosen to receive mobile devices in October!! Woohoo!!! We are going to be a pilot mission for a new training program they have. They also are still deciding between giving us iPad minis or the new iPhone 6's. I'm pretty excited (: I've said since the beginning that all I wanted was just one or two transfers with the 'new way' of doing missionary work, and it looks like that dream is going to become a reality! I'm very excited for it to roll out, and happy I'll be here for it. It will be super effective with YSA work because everyone is hooked on technology, so we'll be able to connect with them in more ways. Such a blessing!

Also on Wednesday, as a mission we were able to preview the new movie "Meet the Mormons," coming out on Oct 12. It is a church produced film, and they allowed us to see it at the Stake Center so we can encourage less-actives and investigators to see it (: It shows the lives of 6 people around the world and how they live their faith. Man, it was amazing. Made me laugh, made me cry. They did a great job with it. Overall I just left with a huge feeling of gratitude to be part of something so great. I'm proud to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love this gospel with my whole heart. I highly highly encourage you all to see it, and take friends!! It was not made with the intent to proselyte. It's not pushy or overbearing. It was made to increase understanding, not to teach doctrine. So it's a safe, entertaining, and easy way to share the gospel (:

We were privileged to have the general Women's broadcast on Saturday! It was such a treat (: they fed us a dinner outside under some lights, and they had a Waffle truck cater to us. That was a treat too (; I loved President Uchdorf's talk. He talked about "living the gospel joyful." The commandments God has given us are His loving words to His children. He is all-knowing and wants us to be happy, and has given us simple guidelines and commandments to light the path back to Him.

I feel like it's Christmas, I'm overjoyed to have General Conference this weekend!! It's my favorite weekend. Make sure to watch it (:

Anyways, this week was great. We had a ton of stuff come up--meetings, service, broadcasts, etc--and our investigators got super busy as well, which resulted in us teaching almost no lessons. Everything fell through. But it's ok! We were able to contact lots and had some great experiences and miracles (: 

There's so much I want to say. Tons I'm learning. But the most important thing God has been teaching me this week is how to rely on my Savior more. The Atonement is designed not only to free us from sin, but also to strengthen us in the presence of our weakness. Coming unto Jesus is the source of being happy and is the test of our existence. Our weaknesses are gifts from God to help us humbly rely on Him and love and assist others. We can grumble about our weaknesses and try to ignore them, or we can embrace the challenges to be stretched and to grow. This refining and polishing process is among the most sacred experiences we can hope for! I'm so grateful for a God who has a perfect plan in place that accounts for our weaknesses and short-comings, and has provided a way for us to overcome them.

That's it for this week, sorry to be so long-winded! Love you all.
--Sister Bishop

Transfer meeting! After 14 months straight of serving right alongside Elder Larman, he is returning home. Sad day!

And my Sister Naylor is now home in Prescott, Arizona! Miss her.

 Waffle truck!

Patio dinner (:

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