Tuesday, October 7, 2014

LETTER 57: The one where Tessa subtracts herself


It's been a speedy week!

I've learned so much. We had Elder Carlson from the Seventy come to our mission, and we had an amazing Zone Conference. We've been teaching lots and lots, there's definitely no shortage of teaching appointments. There's never been a time like this on my mission! It's unreal. We haven't been able to be out contacting as much, which I love, but teaching is great. Can't complain one bit.

Speaking of teaching, that's the main gist of my learnings this week! Elder Carlson said that teaching is two things: Observing, and listening. Amen!! It's so true. When we really subtract ourselves, the Spirit is able to come in and be the teacher. And that's how it should be. Our purpose is to listen and observe. 

Something I've been working on is having every interaction uplift and edify the other person. Make them feel known, loved, and appreciated. Leave them a little better than I found them. That's the example Christ set for us. I'm sure He hugged a lot of people. Echoing last week's email--all He did, He did out of love. It's not so much about what He did, buthow

Another thing I loved from Elder Carlson--"People will only learn what they want to learn, when they want to learn it." That applies for all of us. We are like clay in the hands of our Potter. He loves us and wants to shape us. We can be soft clay--humble, submissive, faithful--and let Him shape us. Or we can be hard clay--He'll still work with us, but He might have to bring in a chisel and hammer to do so. It's our choice.

This gospel is amazing and true. It gives us a depth, meaning, purpose, and peace in life that can't be found elsewhere. God's way always works--100% of the time. We just need to turn to Him and rely on Him. Trust that if He brings us to something, He will bring us through it as well.

That's it for this week, love to you all!

--Sister Bishop

Our very first "Boba" drink! They're super popular here. 

At the paraplegic home this week, helping Nancy with her sewing craft. The elders were so focused haha (:

Today we went to a Guitar store--just sang and played guitar and made up songs. Heaven! (: 

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