Tuesday, October 21, 2014

LETTER 62: The one where Tessa tackles perfectionism

I always procrastinate writing my weekly letter home...hence why one didn't get sent last week haha. So in an effort to avoid that, I'm writing this first (: 

We have had just an amazing week. I can't believe all the progress our investigators are making, the self-discoveries I've had, the revelation for new ideas to try in our area that have come, and the list goes on and on! It's truly humbling seeing how much God qualifies us and leads this work. 
Here's a list of a few investigators that especially need some prayers at this time! I would greatly appreciate it (: Also a little snippet of info about them...
·  Siddhi H--has been taught for a while. Working to understand importance of organized religion
·  Nick--committed to be baptized and pray about a date!! He's so solid 
·  Kat S--Her sister got baptized a few years back. She is now learning and progressing right along
·  Gary J--working to have consistent lessons, come to church, and understand the Book of Mormon
·  Jeo S--trying to take a leap of faith and find out if God is really there
·  Amanda C--has been less-active for many years, but now is working to return to full activity
Thanks soo much! There's power in prayer.

We went on a couple exchanges this week. I was with Sister Redner and then Sister Taylor! Filled with miracles and fun, for sure. Me and Sis Redner walked up to a girl on the street and this conversation ensued...
Us: "Have you heard of the Book of Mormon before?"
Her: "Yeah!!! I heard it's way good, I've always wanted to read it!!" 
*jaws drop*
haha that's a response I've never gotten! We happily gave her one and should start teaching her soon.

My main topic of study and learning lately has to do with a tender subject for me. 
Not until I really started digging in and studying it did I realize just how much of an impact it's had in my life, as much as I wish it wasn't! It's a sneaky trap to fall into. God teaches us eternal progression and faith in the Atonement, while Satan teaches its counterfeit--perfectionism--which destroys confidence in ourselves and others, and takes us away from the enabling power of the Atonement. 

As I struggle about my imperfections, it just instills in me more awe of how magnificent that one perfect life was--that of the Savior Jesus Christ--and how absolutely dependent all of us are on the mercy that is extended to us through his atoning sacrifice. The determination to endure in this struggle is what can set us apart from others. Though our lives are not always a steady upward slope of progression--it's more like a rocky incline with dips and setbacks--we can be determined to get up and move on, despite how many times we slip. This fixed determination to 'endure to the end' has to be rooted in our faith of the Savior and the real power He has to save! We absolutely cannot rise above our mistakes without the help of Jesus Christ. 

What a great blessing it is to have weaknesses. They keep us humble and reliant on the Lord. Though as much as I can 'preach' these things, it requires a lot more effort to really internalize and apply them to myself! Slowly but surely, it's seeping down into my soul and I am patient as God is tutoring me in the ways of the Atonement.

I do love my Savior and my God. They are way too good. They provide the best way of living. I hope all of us can move purposefully forward along the path to greater perfection with a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities God provides us--challenging as they may be--to become more like Him.

Love you all!

--Sister Bishop

Exchanges with Sister Taylor!
We were locked out of an apartment complex, and decided to run into the parking garage after a car so that we could get in. Jokes on us--the doors inside the parking garage were locked too, and we were caged in there for a little bit until the next car came in haha. Too funny.

Crashing the Northridge family ward's party for food! Desperate times...(;

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