Thursday, December 11, 2014

NUMBER 66: The one where Tessa soaks it all up

Great week (: Normal missionary shenanigans haha. We went on exchanges, did some finding, teaching, the usual!

We had a neat experience the other night. We had a few minutes extra before a dinner appointment, so we decided to knock around on their neighbors doors. One man answered and promptly let us into the family room, with all of his family there--they were in the middle of dinner and a movie. Haha he was kind of funny, we think he was just being spontaneous and wanted to shock his family-- which it worked, their faces were priceless (; But despite his motives, we took the opportunity to get to know them and their experiences with God. The situation went from being a joke, to actually being a very spiritual experience that ended in prayer and tears shed by the family. It was a beautiful miracle! They want to learn more, and the family ward missionaries will be going over soon (: 

Something that's stood out to me a lot this week is the importance of keeping our eyes focused on our purpose in life--preparing to return to God. Distractions don't have to be evil to be effective. If something is taking us away from the most important things in life, then we need to refocus on spending our efforts and focus on the things that matter most--God (: It's so much better to look at things with an eternal perspective.
A quote from Pres. Hinckley:
"It is challenging to put this earthly experience together if we do not frequently look at what the completed picture ought to look like. The life and perfect example of the Savior provides this picture. Refer to it often."

I'm so grateful for the things I've learned throughout my mission. I know I'm exactly where I need to be. I'm learning about how God communicates with me. I know that revelation comes through the little things--going to church, praying, and reading His words in the scriptures. He is eager to teach and tutor us if we just humble ourselves and turn to Him. I love how you just feel good when you follow what God wants. Continually repenting, being rid of guilt, and having confidence before God is priceless. 

I love this work! Soaking up all I can. Thank you for all your support and love and prayers.

Sister Bishop

With mis hermanas (: We have a picture of us three our first day in the mission, and now 17 months later! 

Exchanges with the Granada Hills sisters (:

hahah. Problems of being in a YSA ward. (;


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