Thursday, December 11, 2014

NUMBER 65: The one where Tessa gets a Canadian

Nov 10

We'll get right to the good stuff (;

My new companion is Sister French! She is from Alberta, Canada and has been out for about 10 months. (: She is so great, we get along really well and I'm learning a lot from her. Couldn't be happier!

This week, we had a bunch of our lessons fall through. Things keep happening with our investigators that prevent them from meeting with's a little strange how frequently it's happening--and most often, it's legitimate reasons not just them being flaky! Very odd. But it's given us time to find and work with less-actives.

We had Mission Leadership Council and Zone Training Meeting this week. We had such a great discussion on our 2014 Mission Training Plan. I absolutely love it and think President Hall was super inspired when putting it together. It's benefited me personally and the mission tons. 

Lame email again, sorry! Not lots to report. Things are going very well (:

I love my Savior. I love reading the scriptures, and truly receive revelation from God each time I do. I know God hears our prayers, He loves us and is eager to help us. This gospel has brought everything good into my life and the most happiness I've ever known! 

--Sister Bishop

We realized we didn't take any pictures this week, so snapped this one just barely haha 

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