Thursday, December 11, 2014

LETTER 67: The one where Tessa and the bike disagree

Lets see--quick recap of this weeks happenings!
·  Lots of finding and teaching (: Finally got to see Nick again, and he's working for a January baptism!
·  Random things came up--having to get our oil changed, driving all over the mission to help the sisters on bike, a surprise MLC with Elder Garns, etc!
·  Exchanges; I was in a bike area, and everything possible seemed to go wrong with the bike, so we had to re-plan everything to be walking distance haha. It was an adventure! Fun day (:

What's been really standing out to me lately is how important it is to be diligent in keeping the commandments at all times, not just when it's convenient or we feel like it. Not even weighing the cost of obedience--just doing it and being committed to obedience. 
Even when doubts are there. Doubt is a feeling, but true faith chooses to act even in the presence of doubt. 
The only safety we have is staying with God! Just stay with Him, and keep doing the basic faith-promoting things: church attendance, prayer, and reading the scriptures. He will ensure our progression and growth. 
If our lives are centered on Christ, nothing can go permanently wrong.

The gospel challenges us to become something. We become through repentance. Repentance is our link to the power of the Atonement. This power and grace has the ability to change our very natures. 
I've experienced firsthand over and over that real changing power. I think that's one of my very favorite and most comforting things about the gospel--the fact that we can always progress and change. Our weaknesses are not permanent. The sting of sacrifice is always worth it. The deepest hurt and confusion can be wiped away. Becoming a disciple of Christ is soo much better than not becoming one. God ensures our safety and eternal progression as we are obedient, repentant, and humble. That's the core of the gospel.

I'm just learning so much. I could go on and on! I always feel like there's nothing noteworthy about my week, other than all the spiritual lessons God is teaching me haha. He is SO GOOD to me! And all of us! I'm happy to feel like my real, true, deeply rooted conversion is coming about. 

Working so hard these last few weeks. I'm absolutely overwhelmingly blessed. Grateful to have this Thanksgiving week to really focus on gratitude, and I hope you all have the same opportunity!

Sending my love from sunny California,
Sister Bishop

Fun fact: there are always shopping carts and toilets EVERYWHERE on the streets. Who knows why. Had to laugh when we saw them combined (: 

Mexican food courtesy of Rebeca!

Some members in our ward are little people--they have these custom made little couches (:

We got name cards at a special MLC with the Area Seventy, Elder Garns, last night!

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