Monday, December 15, 2014

LETTER 68: The one where Tessa eats 2 Thanksgiving dinners

It's officially CHRISTMAS SEASON!!! Not that that has stopped me and Sister French from listening to Christmas music for the past 4 shame. It's my favorite. (: 

Anyways, Thanksgiving went very well! We had 2 dinners, which was lovely. We went on exchanges--I was in Mission Hills with Sister Lambert. Yesterday we had MLC (hence the delayed p-day) and will be having Zone Conference tomorrow. It's a crazy week, let me tell ya. 

Something that has stood out to me a lot (among many, many things) is how we truly become converted to the gospel. Elder Oaks so wisely and eloquently said, 

" It is not enough for us to be convinced of the gospel; we must act and think so that we are converted by it. 
It is not enough for anyone to just go through the motions. The commandments, ordinances, and covenants of the gospel are not a list of deposits required to be made in some heavenly account. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a plan that shows us how to become what our Heavenly Father desires us to become.
Our spotless and perfected state will result from a steady succession of covenants, ordinances, and actions, an accumulation of rights choices, and from continuing repentance."

Amen to that! The gospel is so much more than a check list. The gospel challenges us to become. That's what our whole purpose is. Becoming men and women of God, like Him and His Son in desires, actions, attributes, and more. We're not on this journey alone. We tie ourselves to them and have access to their (much needed) heavenly help through making and keeping covenants. As we are humble, our progression continues. 

It's quite simple. The callings we have in the church, the little things required of us, all are for our benefit. Though we shouldn't get wrapped up in the small details, they are there for a reason. Having the organization we do keeps us humble, service-oriented, and anxiously engaged in good causes. We should do all we do out of love, with our eye fixed on our purpose for doing it in the first place--becoming men and women of God, working towards the temple. I would do anything, anything, to have access to the temple. And all God asks is for our active participation and service in His church, and following His commandments. SO WORTH IT!

Anyways, I'll end there. I could go on and on (: 

Love you all. Keep your sights on things that matter most.

--Sister Bishop

check out The Church is doing a remarkable job using media to reach out to others of all faiths and promote the real meaning of Christmas--our Savior. Watch this video, and share with everyone!! We have been sharing it like crazy and it brings such a special spirit.

Zone hike last P-day!

Our district haha

Put our turkey in the fire place on Thanksgiving (: we think we're funny.

Made hand turkeys with our friends at "Heart to Heart"

Look, a bird!!

We're ready for Christmas. (:

A rainy day surprise! Came to the church, and found a lady with her pet Armadillos (: 

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