Friday, April 11, 2014

LETTER 34: The one where Tessa finds the hidden street

March 31, 2014


Short email this week, not a whole lot to report on.

We went on a few exchanges, knocked a lot of doors, and invited many people to come closer to Christ. Typical week (: We saw crazy miracles on my exchange with Sister Kubie! It was unreal. We taught 2 full lessons on the doorstep, and pretty much every person we talked with was open to talking with us for a little bit. Everyone was very kind. That never happens! It was a huge blessing. 

We also were led to this little street that was hiding from us, I'd never been to it before! We discovered it and knocked it, and found 2 people who we taught and are now investigating the church. Super cool! Definite miracle.

I loved watching the women's conference on Saturday, and am super looking forward to General Conference this coming Saturday and Sunday. I hope you all have a chance to watch! We are so blessed to be able to have a Prophet on the earth today and Apostles. 

Have a good week!

Sister Bishop

Car wash!

Teaching the Elders' how to sew their shirt pockets haha

Exchanges with Sister Kubie!

Sister Betenson's new glasses. (:


Went on a couple little exchanges with Sister Betenson, she's the best.

Us again. Taking dorky pictures.

New Zealand licorice! Thanks to Sister McQueen's sister (:

Sis McQueen smashed her finger in the door...ouch.

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