Friday, March 28, 2014

LETTER 33: The one where Tessa hikes a canyon

Hello hello! Not a whole lot to tell this week--just doing the work, same old same old (: loving every minute and soaking it all up.


--Got a few new investigators this week, miracles for sure. Marty is an actor, he was on the original Karate Kid (don't ask me who he played...I don't know) and his daughter Rachel is super great as well. We've been teaching them and helping them to get closer to Christ, which is what they desire. Perfect! The third one is Andy, he is striving to understand the importance of having God in his life. I love being able to testify to people about how much I love my Heavenly Father and how I feel His love and help each day. It's so amazing.

--We went on a bunch of exchanges this week! 4 total. I feel like I'm with other companions more than my own haha but it's all great 


--This week I've done a whole lot of learning. I absolutely love it, one of my favorite parts of preparation day is looking back on the past week and seeing the personal growth I've made. I can't begin to express all of the things I'm learning, and I'm extremely grateful for them! A major thing that has stood out to me this week is how wonderful our gift of agency is. A huge purpose of our lives on earth is to learn to use our agency correctly and choose Christ--choose to be happy, choose to endure, choose to turn to God in trials. Each of our little decisions add up and can create a life spent close to the Lord. I know that as we consistently choose to act just a little better and a little more Christlike than we are prone to, that we can truly be refined and shaped into the people God knows we can be.

Hope you all have had a good week, remember to do the little things--Church, pray, read. It's simple and true (:

Sister Bishop


My district--love them. 

Birthday shenanigans


 Hiking Towsley Canyon this morning with some of the zone. Suuuuper long and amazing!

I wish you could tell how high we were! We got to the very tip of the mountain

Me and Sister McQueen

The whole gang!

The Sisters

The elders...haha who knows.

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