Sunday, April 27, 2014

LETTER 36: The one where Tessa moves into Napoleon Dynamite's ward

Hi friends and family!!!

Drumroll please....

I am in Studio City!!!! With Sister Turley (: She's from West Valley City, Utah (my first Utahn companion!) and is awesome. We're having a good time.

There are people EVERYWHERE here. Literally stacked on top of each other, apartments all over. I can't get over it! Completely opposite from my last area haha. There's swarms of people on the streets, and my whole ward is in the movie industry--whether actors or directors or writers, we've got it all. That's pretty neat. Napolean Dynamite is the Young Men's president (no joke). Miley Cyrus and Steve Carrell live in our ward boundaries. Up in the hills, it's super nice rich houses where all the stars live. Then down in the valley part its just stuffed with people. INSANE. Haha I just want to sit and bask in it all! So we've been out working hard, talking with many many people. I'm having to become an aggressive driver, and my parallel parking skills are coming in handy (I'm being safe, don't worry).

Unfortunately--where we are emailing only allows us 55 minutes on the computer! Ahh not enough time. It's stressing me out. So that means I won't be able to write nearly as many people as I'd like to, or put detail into emails. So sorry! ):

I've learned SO MUCH this week though. I've really turned over a new leaf in my mission with studies. I've been diving into the Restoration and have a new study system that's working wonders for me. It's been a stressful week and I've been able to turn to the Lord more and more, which is a huge blessing. My advice is don't wait until you HAVE to rely on Him, just rely on Him all the time (: We have been trying to get to know people in the area and find our way around. My GPS has saved my life haha.

We had a member of the Seventy come--Elder Kent F. Richards. We had an amazing training from him on teaching simply. The spirit was overpowering, and is just one of many many witnesses to me that this gospel is true. So blessed to be able to have learned from him, but most importantly from on high.

All in all, a rewarding and exciting week. Lots of adjustments which brings it's ups and downs, but I love it all. I love this work and I love the Lord. It's so amazingly true. Please read the Book of Mormon--drink deeply from it every day. It's crucial. 
I love you all!!

--Sister Bishop

Last meal with the Gardners! She made my favorite (:

MY BABY!!! I trainee (: Sister Turley!

Saying bye to Sister McQueen


Where the showers don't have shower heads...or just ours...haha

Our humble abode

Hey's where they filmed The Cinderella Story! The last scene, recognize it?

Role playing with "Julie" our magazine investigator (;

Ate dinner with my Aunt's sister last night...that was a surprise!
(for those who know--Rebecca Clinger Bishop's sister, Patsy (: family reunion!)


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