Sunday, March 9, 2014

LETTER 31: The one where Tessa crafts Tamales

Short on time this week, 10 english sisters flew into the Burbank airport this morning and we're going down to North Hollywood to take them out proselyting (: it's my favorite thing!

Since you're probably wondering, it is transfer week: drum roll please......I'm staying! That'll make 6 months in this area. Sister Naylor is leaving sadly ): we're bummed about that, but know that it had to happen sometime, and we'll continue learning and growing from our next companions. Love the time I've had with her though! God definitely has a plan for me to become the person He knows I can be, and Sister Naylor was part of that plan. Learned so much from her!

This past week went really well, we've been working hard. Talked to 162 people about the gospel, which is a record high for us. Since we're re-knocking our area, we meet a lot of the same people. It's interesting to see how kind people are, even people who weren't the nicest the first time around. We see that when we come back a second or third time and go about our approach differently (catered to their needs), they respond really well! Planting lots of seeds. I know that these people will be more open to the gospel and to missionaries in the future because of our persistence in talking with them. 

We started teaching a new family--Amelia and her kids. We've been trying to get in to Amelia's home for months, and we finally found a way to get in--having her teach us how to make tamales! Haha who would've thought. So she taught us, and we had a short lesson afterwards. Then we taught her another lesson Saturday, and have one planned this week. They're an amazing family! And they make goooood tamales, that's for sure. (:

We have a few other people we're teaching, just trying to help them keep commitments. It's so important to cement our faith with action. The only way the Holy Ghost can testify to us about something is if we're acting and doing it! 

I super love my mission. It's the best thing I could have ever done, it's beyond my wildest dreams of what I hoped it would be. I love this gospel and the truthfulness of it. Remember to keep an eternal perspective. Make little changes in your life every day to align your will more with God's will--that's the purpose of our lives. Repentance is beautiful, and it is real. Do what you can now to strengthen your relationship with Christ. I love you all! <3

--Sister Bishop

Our amazing district! It's huuuuge

Making homemade tamales--she seriously has the best recipe

Best homemade salsa I've ever had

Me and Amelia!

The finished product...mmm

The Smiths--love them

Tashanna and Ederick (I forgot to mention, we got in contact with them again and they're allowing us to visit with them. Huge miracle!!!!)

We got to go to the temple again--the best!

Stevo is moving tomorrow ): one last picture with him.

They have a million dogs

Brother and Sister McEwan

With Kellsie at church

Eva, Lalo, and Aiden!

Aiden was acting like Moroni with the Book of Mormon

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