Sunday, July 7, 2013

Getting Closer...

Holy smokes, guys! This girl is going to officially be Sister Bishop in just 8 short days!

We scheduled a time for me to get set apart as a missionary, and it has just been hitting me over and over again just how close my mission really is. Wow!

Well a lot has happened since I got my call. I've gone through the temple, visited my roommates in Arizona, moved to California, gone on splits a few times with some amazing sister missionaries, moved back to Utah, gone to two family reunions, gotten a job, spent so much time with friends and loved ones, and studied my little heart out in the scriptures and Preach My Gospel.

All of this has felt like sort of a floating period before my mission, ya know? I just go from place to place, activity to activity, just waiting for my mission to begin! Now that it's almost here the nerves have set in, but my faith has grown so much as well.

I'm grateful for the personal revelation I receive daily and the spirit I feel as I prepare for this great journey. My testimony has grown ten-fold, and so has my excitement! It's scary putting total faith in the Lord, but at the same time, it's so wonderfully amazing. I don't have to stress, because I know as long as I'm trying, the Lord will make up my shortcomings and truly completes me, making every single thing alright.

I can not wait to wear Christ's name right next to mine and right over my heart. I'm thrilled to know I'll have the spirit as my constant companion, and that this journey is exactly what I need to be doing right now. I'm very much so aware that it will be unbearable difficult at times, but that is alright! Bring it on. (; I'll have overwhelming joy as well, and isn't that worth it in the end? I can't wait to be more fully personally converted to the Lord and this Church. It will also be so amazing to share a message that means the whole world to me with people who have been waiting and searching and yearning for this exact thing. It'll be so humbling to see people change their lives to be part of the Church, something I take for granted is that I grew up with the gospel in my life and supportive parents!

I know God is so aware of me--my struggles, concerns, insecurities--and He knows exactly what I need to make me the person He knows I can become. I can't wait to be shaped by this experience and devote my life to this amazing gospel.

Bottom line is, I love this Church with my whole heart and know that it is true. I'm so grateful that it just leaves me a mess of tears every time I start to talk about it! Thanks for reading, and your support <3

Now I just have to go study some more, write my farewell talk, buy lots of food for the open house, make decorations, clean everything until it's sparkling, say goodbyes, work my last few days at my job, gather the last minute mission supplies, pack....

and the list goes on.

Deep breaths. What matters most is not what happens this next week or next Sunday at my farewell, but what happens Tuesday night at 6 when I'm set apart (: Can't wait!

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