Friday, May 3, 2013

The Call

Wednesday, April 10, I received my LDS mission call in the mail! Well, my parents received it in the mail. I anxiously went about my day, trying and failing to pay attention in class, and waiting for the minutes to tick by so it could be 4 and I could open this beauty:
Never ever have I been more impatient.

Before we move on with the post, I just have to share a series of memes.

So yeah, there's that. I love them. 

4 o'clock came, even though it seemed a million years away.

Opening my call was probably the most surreal and crazy moment! My thoughts were literally flying in a million different directions, I don't think I've ever been more scatterbrained. Before I knew it, I had a knife in hand, and was ripping open the famous big white envelope that I had waited a month for. 

Drum roll please...
English speaking, leaving July 17th for the Provo MTC. 

WOW. First off, I freaked out and so did the girl video taping me, who is my neighbor, friend, and Relief Society president! She happens to be serving in San Fernando as well, crazy right?? Unfortunately she's speaking Spanish, but it was still a crazy moment! 

I was SO surprised. It definitely took a minute for it to set in. I had to translate the words I read into actual thoughts and a place in my mind about where I would be. I was in the middle of hugging people when it hit me, and I burst into tears! I couldn't help it. 

I'm just going to dump a bunch of other pictures, I love them all so much. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't stare at them and watch my video at least twice a day. They make me so happy and excited!

It's my favorite to answer the same questions over, and over, and over again. That's not sarcastic though, I really do LOVE talking about my call, and everything associated with it (:

The main one I love is every single person asks:

"Are you ______?" You can fill in the blank with basically anything...excited, nervous, worried, happy, etc. My answer is always yes! I have so many emotions about it all.

I really am SO extremely excited to serve in San Fernando, that's the main emotion I feel. The more I think about it, the more I feel like it is the perfect mission! I'm in love with it already, and I feel so blessed to go there. Big big thanks to the man upstairs. 

After opening it, I went with the fam to Brick Oven Pizza. 
After that, I went with my roomies to Sammy's for shakes.
After that, I had some visitors over.
Then FINALLY I was able to just sit in my room, read my call again, read every detail of my packet, Google pictures, read other people's blogs who served in San Fernando, start this mission blog, and everything else I'd been waiting to do until I got my call. I stayed up til 5 AM, but it was totally worth it. 
There she is, in all her beauty.

Facts about my mission:
  • It is getting split and the new boundaries will be in effect July 1st. I'll be one of the first missionaries to serve with the new boundaries!
  • The bottom half of my mission (where all the people are!) is Los Angeles
  • North Hollywood, quite a few recording studios, Magic Mountain, and Six Flags is in my mission
  • The movie "Cinderella Story" starring Hillary Duff was all filmed in the San Fernando valley
  • One of my good friends from high school and the only missionary I'm writing is serving in San Fernando English speaking as well! So crazy.
  • My good friend's grandparents are serving in San Fernando. They are in charge of housing for the missionaries. They'll be some of the very first people I meet when I get to San Fernando!
  • Another kid that I don't know super well but I went to high school with is serving there.
Total number of people I know serving in San Fernando: 6, including me.

I'm so excited to serve, and I feel so blessed to be able to! I'm in love with my mission already, and can't wait to be out in the field. Until then, I'll be preparing the best I can!

Thanks for reading!

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