Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Mishdrobe

So a couple of weeks ago, I had a friend text me asking for a picture of every single piece of my mission wardrobe...or as I like to call it, the Mishdrobe. Rolls off the tongue, huh?

Since I love this girl so much, I did it. And since I have all the pictures, might as well share them right? Hopefully it'll help a future sista' out. 

This wardrobe has been in the works for months and months, so I'll say where each thing is from, but who knows if they even sell them anymore!


Asos, asos, and unknown..sorry!

Khols, Macy's, Forever 21

Forever 21, Gap, Forever 21

All three from Forever 21

Forever 21, Macy's, thrift store

Forever 21,,

All three from Nordstrom Rack

Also not pictured, a great floral blouse I got from Khols, 40% off so act quickly! They have a bunch of perfect shirts.

Asos, Asos, Eshakti

Asos, Forever 21, Eshakti

Asos, stole their image from online because it's in the mail!

H&M, and somewhere online!


Charming Charlies, unknown, unknown, TJ Maxx. Also, not pictured: I bought a mustard colored scarf from Khols.

Heavenly, and the rest Forever 21

All Forever 21

Assorted, probably all from Forever 21 

Homemade yellow bow, pearl bow from Asos, and headbands from Forever 21

Payless, DSW, Famous footwear, & some random places online I don't remember

The most perfect bag ever!! Just saying. From Etsy

Probably all from Forever 21

Make up bags, technically not part of the Mishdrobe, but I love them so much so they're going on here anyways. From Target and Forever 21.


Here's just a few of many many many possible combinations:

Also, I just HAD to share this because my friend just texted me it and I'm a little shocked slash excited? Apparently I'm on Pinterest for my mission photo shoot!
Don't even know how that got on there. It's been repinned a lot! How funny. So yeah, there's another outfit combo haha.

Now I've just revealed to all of you how ridiculously obsessed I am with floral, stripes, and Forever 21. Don't judge. (;

Hope this helped you out if you're in the market for some mission clothes! Have a lovely day.

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