Monday, October 7, 2013

Letter 12: The one where Tessa gets good news at general conference

So I don't know about you, but this week was the best. I'm on a spiritual high from conference! I mean, how could you not be? SO GREAT.

--My family sent me a box of Books of Mormon!! Happy day! I don't even know what to do with myself if I don't have a Book of Mormon in hand. On top of supplying me with more books, they put a family picture inside each book along with their testimonies! It's the best thing ever to be able to go talk with people and show them my family and how the Book of Mormon has impacted them. Big thanks to my amazing mom!!

--We met with cute grandma Magda this week--or as Sister Rhoades says, "Magma"-- and we have a BAPTISM DATE set!! November 9th!!! Mark it in your calendars (: So happy for her. After over a year of investigating the church...she's finally entering in the gate to return to God! Can hardly wait (:

--Had a lesson with Jamie and Jason, we love them dearly...but unfortunately...they are getting dropped. Breaks my heart ): There's only so much you can do when people refuse to read the Book of Mormon or pray about it. We've tried many approaches with lessons, but it always turns into Bible bashing, and the thing with Bible bashing is--no one wins! So we have one more appointment with them to tell them byeee

--We got a referral from this week, so we go to visit her and no one answers. We knock two of her neighbors, and the first neighbor is totally awesome and wants us to come back! The second house, a guy answered and told us he was just house-sitting for the day and didn't live there.
Soo we go back to the referral the next day, and they aren't interested ): We go back to the "house-sitter" house, and the same guyanswers the door...haha before we even say anything he just blurts out, "Ok! You caught me, I lied, this is my house. I didn't think you would come back!" Haha caught him in the act! He was way funny about it though, and we ended up getting a return appointment! So we taught Pablo yesterday, and now we have a NEW INVESTIGATOR! Yayy! He's the best! The lesson went super well, and he is so ready and prepared.
Even though that referral didn't necessarily work out, it brought us to their neighbors, and they are ready for the gospel! CODE RED-SEA

--Someone chased after US on the street....the tables have turned! Haha he wanted a Book of Mormon...who does that?! It was awesome! But he wants it in another language, so we have to wait a week or so to get it. Way cool though!

--A while ago, I wrote an article for should be published on their site soon so go check it out if you so desire (: It's about how I prepared for my mission from a wardrobe perspective. It's an awesome store and has the cutest clothes! I'm honored they chose me to write an article for them. 

--Friday, we went on exchanges!! Sister Kemp came with me to work in good ol' Granada Hills. She is the best ever!!! We had a blast, it was so fun and we worked super hard. Learned tons from her. 
As a district, we went to do a blitz to help out the Granada Hills Elders, so we all went to the food trucks Friday night and went crazy handing out pass along cards and talking about Jesus! Missionaries everywhere! Loved it.

--General Conference....exclamation point! (If you watched conference, you'll get that reference. (: ) So basically, just amazing. I LOVE hearing from our prophet and apostles! They are truly inspired. My love and testimony of the gospel was strengthened and deepened. I just want everyone in the whole world to have this gospel in their lives! 

--Saturday we went to visit a former investigator, Clara. She wasn't home, but her daughter Ursula was! So we basically invited ourselves in to share a message...we shared the Restoration with her, and now we have another NEW INVESTIGATOR! She is amazing and searching for truth. We have a return appointment next Sunday and she committed to read the Book of Mormon (: CODE RED-SEA

--Knocked on a door, and a man named Herbert answered. We talked for quite a while about Jesus Christ, and he has the most incredible faith and humility. With tears in his eyes, he told us he wants to be like us one day! I mean, how can you NOT love him?? He is so sweet and we have an appointment set with him.

--Went to visit Edward and FINALLY caught him at home! Just shared a brief message with him, and then his mom pulled up and he had to leave, so we went in and talked with Nancy. I love her to death! We talked about the Book of Mormon and she committed to read it, andwith her cute son Estabon who is going to start coming to scouts! This family is incredible and I so desperately want them to have this gospel in their lives. Love them!!!

--We walked up to someone on the street...
Me: "Hi, I'm Sister Rhoades!"
Sis Rhoades: "And I'm Sister Bishop!"
...then we just look at each other...
Me: "Wait a second.....switch that..."
hahah so funny. Good way to break the ice! They started laughing too. 

--When we go to teach Pablo for the first time, he's like "Oh yeah, I was just barely watching this 'Mormon's Gone Wild' show where they leave the church or something!" 
Me: " mean the Amish show?"
Pablo: "Oh you guys aren't Amish?"
haha nope. Glad we got that cleared up!

--At conference, the Zone leaders brought tons of Dove chocolates...lets just say, too much was consumed. Mostly to read the little fortunes on the inside of the wrapper haha. But then we listen to Russell M. Nelson talk about "self-control"...we just look at each other...dang it!!! Shut that down hahah no more chocolate for us. We're just happy that the talk was given at the end of conference so we got our fair share of chocolate in...(: We all signed a contract now going of sweets for a month. haha Prophet speaks and we follow!

--My motto for this week was: "Find things to enjoy. Rediscover humor, savor the beauty in the world, notice the kindness of others, and delight in the spirit's presence." This was taken from the 'Adjusting to Missionary Life' handbook. Isn't it amazing? Having this perspective and always looking for the good really does change things. Loved it. It takes conscious and concerted effort, but it's worth it.

--Ok, so prayer truly is amazing. We are talking with our creator, our Father in Heaven, God! He is the most all-powerful, all-knowing, amazing person, yet He cares and He listens to each little prayer. He is always there!! How amazing is that? I've been focused this week on having more meaningful heartfelt prayers. I've never prayed so much in my life, and before I knew it I found that I was slipping into repetitious prayers...not ok! So that's been changed, and I really put a lot of thought into what I say. Makes a huge difference. 

--Conference...learned so much. Can't even begin to explain all the things that touched my heart and the things that the spirit taught me! Mainly, I just left conference with the strongest desire to share this with everyone. Good news--I'm a missionary and my whole life is sharing it! Wish granted. haha I love missionary work.

Alrighty, that's about it. About ten times as long as last week...back to normal (;

Love you all...SO MUCH!!!! 

-Sister Bishop

I loved these trees!

A less-active we visited showed us this car he's's from 1915! So cool!

The amazing Books of Mormon!

Some gum sent to us from Sister Langford in New York!

Got Beignet's at the Food Trucks on Friday. We finally got permission to eat there! First beignet ever. Mmmm (:

Sister her. Recognize her dress? haha a dog peed on her so we shared clothes (:

Just a few of the chocolate wrappers haha

Me and Sister Rhoades were twinners! Green cardigans and polka dot skirts.

I got a new set of scriptures, the 2013 edition!! I'm so happy, I love them (: it's fun to start over marking up everything. And I have a whole system for color coordinating and you can see all the tabs sticking out the top haha. Love it

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