Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Letter 14: The one where Tessa says goodbye

Amazing week!!! Even though my life has kinda been turned upside down...buuuut we'll get to that in a minute (:


--We found the nicest guy street contacting, his name is Adam and he said we were an answer to his prayers! I like that. (: So he's an investigator now, he's the best!!

--We knocked on a man named Herbert's door last week, I think I mentioned him last week. Well we taught him the first lesson, and he is SO PREPARED. He said he's read parts of the Book of Mormon and knows it's from God. I invited him to be baptized and he said he would! Ahh! Very first lesson, he's incredible. Buuut....he speaks Spanish, so we transferred him to the Spanish elders. Still way exciting, I feel so blessed to be part of that miracle.

--So remember Esparanza, the family we found? Well, turns out there's 14 people in their house...FOURTEEN! They are amazing, and just feel like my second family. Love them to death! They haven't been able to come to church yet which is a bummer, but other than that, things are going great with them.

--Went on a walk with Glenn and his dog Callie, it was really nice. (: We all talked about what a miracle it is we found him, and how happy he is that we did. Made me happy.
For those of you who don't know, I was all set to work at Disney World this past summer. I was hired, had my plane tickets, my roommates--everything all set to go! And then...I just felt sick about going. I couldn't do it. So after much prayer, I decided to go on a mission sooner instead of waiting until after Disney. Well, I left for the MTC only 3 weeks sooner than I could have left if I went to Disney World. I always wondered why I had to go just 3 short weeks sooner. Well...my second week here, we found Glenn. I think he was exactly the reason why I was supposed to come when I came. Way cool to think about! God knows what He's doing (:

--We've been trying over and over to visit with this lady named Roxanna who was on our Potential Investigator's list. She was never available! We decided to try once more, and she finally let us in (: We taught her the Restoration, and she started crying. The spirit was so strong. It was the coolest lesson!! Another new investigator!

--A similar story, we've been trying over and over to visit with another lady named Maria. We finally got in and taught her the Restoration, and she, too, started crying and the spirit was incredible. She wants God more in her life and wants to follow whatever He tells her to do! Miracle, another new investigator (:

--Well it's just been a really good week...4 new investigators, just seeing miracles left and right! This area is seeing huge changes, it's completely different than it was 3 months ago and I love it with my whole heart! But then....transfer calls came.

And guess what?

I'M LEAVING. Ahh so sad. I was so surprised. I thought for sure I would be staying here and training, and Sister Rhoades would leave! But nope. I'm leaving. So we found that out, and then an hour later President Hall called me...

And guess what?

I got called to be SISTER TRAINING LEADER. Ahhh. I was floored. Seriously. I've been out 3 months...and now I'm one of 4 Sister Training Leaders in the mission. What the heck? Well I have felt every emotion under the sun about it, all these changes have thrown me for a loop. But I've received a lot of support, and in the end--I know God will never leave my side. If He wants me to lead...well, His will be done and He will make me equal to this calling I've been given. My God is my support and that's the comfort I've received in all of this. The 20 investigators here (yes 20!!!) will be in good hands, and I will be in good hands as well. Even though my heart is a little broken having to say goodbye to all these people....it will be ok.

Deeeep Breathes.

Alright, moving forward!


--During a lesson with Adam, we were outside at some tables and a guy walks up to us... "Here, I got you guys some suckers! I got ex-communicated, but here you go. Have a nice day!" Haha uhh...ok! So we took the suckers and continued our lesson. (:

--Elder Davidson: "What do you guys do with your empty milk jugs?"
Me: "Uh...we recycle them..."
Elder Davidson: "I fill them with water, throw them in the air, and cut them in half with a knife!"
hahaha what in the world.

--While out knocking, I see this guy way high up in a tree cutting branches. So I yell up to him "Don't fall!!"
Then literally 3 seconds later we hear: "Ahh!" *crash*
Yes, he fell out of the tree. Luckily he was tied to the tree so he only fell a couple feet down haha so funny though.


--I learned a lot this week about how important it is to just do our best, and leave the harvest to the Lord! That's really all we can do. This work is not about numbers at all, so we can't attach our happiness to them. Our sacrifice and hard work is more important to the Lord than our increase...AKA our numbers! Though we have been blessed to see amazing things happening here, it's all thanks to God.

--Heavenly Father always teaches with love...I've realized a major thing I need to work on is being submissive. When something comes up I don't want to do, I'm trying to rewire my brain from thinking of all the reasons why we shouldn't do it, to now thinking of all the reasons why we should. Definitely important to learn, and I'm working on it (:
Well...that's about it for this week. Transfers are tomorrow, please keep me in your prayers with this adjustment. I love you all! <3

Going to miss this trainer of mine!

Elder Smith and Sister Kemp...only the best ever.

Elder Smith and Sister Kemp...only the best ever.

The whole zone! Love them.

The Sisters

Sisters and Zone Leaders

My three amazing sisters! Sister Redner and Hermana Rodriguez, my pre-mission facebook friends (:

Me and Sister Rhoades on our last "date," getting frozen yogurt. Love her!

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