Wednesday, August 6, 2014

LETTER 51: The one where Tessa tracks down Jake...1 year later



What a great week (: We have been seeing miracles and miracles. We started teaching 4 new people this week! I can't even begin to express how much I love teaching people my age (: it's great. We have also had multiple less-active members of the church call us to have us come over. There seems to be an unending amount of people for us to teach, which is a foreign concept to me! It's the biggest blessing. 

One way great story!

Rewind to last year--me and my sweet trainer, Sister Rhoades, were out knocking and met two guys--Jake and Rico. They were interested and we left them with a Book of Mormon and pamphlets. We could never get in touch with them though! They kinda fell through the cracks.
Fast forward to two weeks ago--I was on exchanges with Sister Young in Granada Hills, and randomly Jake walks down the street on the ONE day I'm in the area! He remembered me, and was still interested in learning! And he's YSA age!! 
I'm happy to report that this week, me and Sister Goettsche were able to start teaching him! He is the best. 
Hands down there are no coincidences. God is the greatest planner, and what a tender mercy and miracle it is to be able to teach Jake, one year later.

I want to be a missionary forever.

We had a great Zone Conference this week with President Hall. He talked a lot about becoming more consecrated missionaries. He said that 
“The capacity of missionaries to call upon the powers of heaven—which is the single most important thing any missionary can desire to possess–will depend directly on their level of personal consecration (see D&C 121).” wow!

It's been super hot lately...we met a guy on the street-- 
us: "hi sir! How are you?" 
him--"Hot, tired, and lazy." 
haha that about sums it up! Amen. 

As a mission, we've been focusing a lot more on doing community service. Me and Sister Goettsche have been able to be part of 3 different community service activities just this past week, and look forward to many more! It's really great being able to just simply serve. I'm amazed at how natural and easy the conversations flow--people feel comfortable asking us about our missions and they are the ones who facilitate having gospel conversations with us during the service! Way cool. 

Revelation from church this week:
"We are not humans having spiritual experiences. We are spirits having human experiences."

I've also been trying to focus more on HOW we talk to people. Less important is the numbers, more important is focusing on the PROCESS.

Sorry for the choppy random letter. 

Please continue praying for Andrew Satterfield's health, and his family.

I'm the happiest I've ever been and I know without a shadow of a doubt that God's way provides the best life. This IS the true gospel. I love it and I can't get enough of it. 

Until next week,

Sister Bishop

We won the "cleanest car" award at zone conference. That in and of itself was a miracle. (;

Korean BBQ with Jess! You cook it right at your table

With our Sisters at the ER! Sis Finau got her appendix out. All is well. (:

Community service project #1--cleaning up a street.

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