Wednesday, August 6, 2014

LETTER 50: The one where Tessa sees the ocean


This week was miracle filled! We are still incredibly busy. Probably the biggest miracle was Aurora! So:
We met her on Tuesday, and set up an appointment. Thursday we met with her at the park with a ward member, and taught the Restoration. It was one of the best lessons I've had on my mission. She just gets it--it still amazes me how people are truly prepared to receive the gospel. But it gets better! (:
Later that day, she texted and asked us to go to the temple! So we eagerly agreed! :D (Benefit of being in the singles ward...they make a temple trip each Thursday). We hitched a ride and had another lesson with her at the Visitor's Center. It was the most spiritual and sacred experience for all of us. It was her first time really feeling the spirit that strong--we were all in tears, and she just knows it's true without a doubt! She wants to be baptized!!!!
She's moving. On Thursday. To go to college. Luckily, it's God's work and she will continue to progress in the gospel with different missionaries. I'm so blessed to have been able to be part of her conversion! Best experience ever!

We have also been teaching Chris, who is coming right along. It's incredible to see the Atonement working in other peoples' lives. God is literally taking away his desires to do harmful things...he told us he was with his friends and they passed him some substances, and he just put them down and went home. Didn't even want to do it any more. Way cool! He knows he's going to get baptized. It's just a matter of when (:

Leo is rock solid still in the gospel. He is preparing for his mission already! He is confronted daily by friends and family who disprove of his decisions and present him with negative mis-information about the church. But throughout it all, he just knows it's true and stands by it. He testifies with them and teaches everyone about the gospel. He can hardly wait to share it with everyone! 

I've been learning a lot about how important it is to be guided by God. The most important thing we can accomplish and work towards is being under the complete influence of the Spirit. Often, it doesn't make sense what we're being prompted to do. But as we act in faith, God will lead us a long and will never lead us astray. At the slightest promptings, we should be ready and willing to act. 

As a special favor, I'm asking for prayers for Andrew Satterfield! He is a close family friend who has been in a motorcycle accident and is fighting to pull out of a coma and heal. Prayers are much much appreciated! <3

God is real. 

--Sister Bishop


You can see the ocean!!! The only spot in our mission that you can (: so cool. But it being 100 degrees outside...very tempting...

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