Wednesday, January 29, 2014

LETTER 27: The one where Tessa asks "How?"

It's been a good week! Just a short report today, I need to learn how to better manage my emailing time (;

We saw many miracles this week. Tashanna is a lady we found knocking in our complex, we started teaching her and her boyfriend Ederick, and her 2 kids. They are the most amazing family!! We also started teaching Brian, he's the guy who ran after us on the street last week. I love seeing people accept the gospel. It's extremely rewarding being able to be the messenger of this great news, and having people just love it and recognize it as the amazing truth it is! 

Mallory will no longer be getting baptized on her scheduled date due to family complications. It's sad, but she will have an opportunity some day and we will keep trying with her. She loves the gospel but is being prevented from moving forward at this point ):

The simple testimony I'd like to share today is that repentance is real. We all have feelings of guilt and shame that come from mistakes, but the main message of the gospel is repentance. We can all change and have this guilt taken away from us. We can be made clean and new persons. Because of the restored gospel, we can make promises and covenants with God that are bound on earth and in Heaven. That's what it's all about. That's why we're here on this earth, to learn and to grow--to align our will with God's will. It's easy to ask "why me?" in times of trouble, but we need to turn our questions instead to "how?" How can I get through this? God is always there for us. ALWAYS. It's so amazing, and this gospel is true (:

Sister Bishop

Exchanges with Sister Ha

Game night with the Korean branch (:

This morning playing werewolf with the zone

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