Wednesday, January 22, 2014

LETTER 26: The one where Tessa plays missionary matchmaker

(From 1/14/2014) Sorry for my tardiness! A day late--this week was crazy transfer week. Well since I'm sure you're dying to know, drum roll please....

I'm staying! And so is Sister Naylor! haha no changes for us, but we are really happy about that (: We'll be together at least 4 1/2 months in all, I wouldn't have it any other way! We've got work to do here, so I'm happy we don't have to start over on anything quite yet. Just keep moving forward (:

--This last week, we taught the most lessons we have ever taught! It was amazing, we love teaching. Adeline is coming right along, she blows us away with her diligence in studying the Book of Mormon and her growing testimony. She has amazing insights about how she is learning to change her ways to God's ways, instead of trying to change God's ways to hers.
--Chad and Mallory are doing well, we brought them friends (: you kind of feel like a matchmaker sometimes, setting up investigators with members to fellowship them. Eva and Lalo are two people who got baptized a few months ago, and just moved into our ward! They have rock solid testimonies and are now really good friends with Chad and Mallory, helping them move forward. Mallory is doing great, Chad is approaching these changes slowly but surely (:

--We went on exchanges with the Young Single Adult ward sisters this week! I was with Sister Hacker in Wiley Canyon, she is fantastic. We actually got two new investigators on our exchange! A lady named Jessica and her mother-in-law, Tommy, who has the cutest Spanish accent (: They are amazing, we had such a great lesson with them and are seeing them again soon

--Yesterday 5 new English sisters came into the mission! It was the smallest transfer yet, only 6 missionaries came in, and only 2 are going home. Teeny compared to the 40 missionaries that came in with me! We got to go out contacting with the sisters for their very first day in the field, it was awesome. 

COOL STORY (unlike these other boring ones (; ) 
There was a guy named Moses that I met on my very first day in the field in North Hollywood. Well long story short, me and Sister Hancock got to see him again yesterday, 6 months later!! It was amazing, he totally remembered me and said he had been waiting for me to come back all that time haha. Miracle!! Set up a return appointment for the No. Hollywood missionaries to go teach him.

Not much else to share, except a simple testimony that I know this Church is God's church on the earth today, I know it with my whole heart and I love it. There's nothing better than the pure joy I feel from having the spirit of the Lord with me, guiding me and helping me bring others to Him. This gospel really is simple and true. It changes lives, all we have to do is be humble and willing to ask God, then act. Simple as that. I love being a missionary!!

Really dark--but I found "Bishop Ct." (:

Last week training the Korean Sisters! Don't mind the lurking shadow...


Exchanges with the lovely Sister Hacker!

Gingerbread house building...a lady we met on the street randomly gave a kit to us haha

Almost better than building it is eating it (:

Me and Sister Reese

Elder Stucki showing off his cat shirt.


Beach Volleyball with the Valencia Zone

English Sister Training Leaders!

Had a sleepover at our apartment last night with the new sisters. They're all amazing!

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