Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LETTER 19: The one where Tessa has the tables turned

Another week bites the dust! (; Weeks fly by. Anyways, it was an interesting one, a little different than usual but still great (:


--On Tuesday, we went to visit a man named Frank who we found about 2 weeks ago. We knocked on his door, and he was pretty argumentative and wanted proof for everything. We spent some time answering his questions and being friendly and nice, and he was nice enough towards us. While we were leaving he said "you're probably never coming back!" but we felt strongly that we should, in fact, go back. So we baked up some chocolate chip cookies, and went to see him again. My goodness, he was a different person! His heart has been softened (I credit it to the cookies (;) and he really listened to us and asked good questions. He wants us to come back again and teach him. We were blown away! Crazy too see how his heart is opening up. We are looking forward to teaching him (:

--Sister Naylor got reeeeallly sick this week, which was unfortunate. ): We were pretty much confined to our apartment from Tuesday toSunday, which is basically the worst thing that can happen to a missionary! Definitely put a damper on our finding efforts...on the bright side, Sister Naylor is feeling better now and we are pumped to go out and work hard this week! Also, I had a lot of down-time which I could study during, and it was amazing.

--We ate dinner with the Matthews family, which was so fun, we love them to death. The two 14-year-old boys made the dinner; hot dogs wrapped in bacon, cheese, and then in cresent rolls. Haha total man-food, but it was great. We all played "scripture charades" afterwords and had a blast.

--Also got to teach one lesson with Dayna. She's adorable. This week, she brought out her recorder and played us songs and sang for us (: 

--As for our investigators, we had to reschedule most appointments for this coming week, but all our amazing people are doing well, we love them soo much! (:


--One night we were coming home to our apartment, and two guys stopped us and said "we have an important message to share about the gospel!" 
Wait a second...that's our line...
Haha so they went on and started preaching to us about some pretty, well...interesting...ideas. They didn't know we were missionaries, it was funny to have the tables turned on us! As soon as we said we were missionaries as well, but from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they left pretty quick.


--With so much down-time this week, I really did learn a lot through all my studying! I was able to read "Our Heritage," which is a book about Joseph Smith, the Restoration, and the early Saints. Oh my goodness, I loved it so much. My testimony really was strengthened like never before, I felt the spirit confirm to me over and over again that Joseph Smith was, in fact, a prophet of God and that this IS God's church on the earth. I love it!! And I can't wait to go out and share this message with people (: It's simply amazing.

--Along with my down-time came a lot of pondering, which led me to be overwhelmed with gratitude for this opportunity I have to serve the Lord. This time is precious, and it's honestly the best time of my whole life! My 4-month mark was yesterday, how crazy is that? Time goes fast. It's such a blessing to be where I am, when I am, and who I'm with. Every factor just blows my mind how perfectly things fit together, every piece of the puzzle that is shaping me and giving me this amazing experience. Thank you Heavenly Father! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.
Seriously though, read the Book of Mormon. Pray and strengthen your testimony. Understand God's love for you and the Atonement more fully. We always, always have room to grow, learn, and improve--which is such a blessing. This gospel is oh so true and amazing. I'm incredibly blessed <3

-Sister Bishop

Just some Elders with their car...it's the one car in the mission that's different from all the others!

Yes, we got a lot of fast food...we had no food and no member dinners haha so funny. It lasted us a couple days (:

The Stake gave us a big box of supplies for Christmas! We're so happy (:

Map of California!

Our "family picture" haha so cute.

Me and Dayna (:

Not sure what they were acting out...but Sister Naylor's face kills me

Acting out Lehi's vision of the tree of life

"This is my beloved Son, hear him." Haha acting out the first vision at family night...

We put our couch out on the deck and I loooved studying out there. Or messing with my camera settings and making the lights look cool. (;

Elder Larman and Elder Chandler showing us how hitting each other with a cookie sheet "doesn't even hurt!" Haha the Elders are too funny.

Sister Naylor took lotsa pictures of me studying...

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