Thursday, November 14, 2013

LETTER 18: The one where Tessa makes herself as small as possible

If I had to compare this last week to something, it would be finals week at college...pretty stressful. Haha but on the plus side, I'm doing God's work and not getting a grade for it, so I really can't fail, right? (; Pretty sure this is the best stress I could ever have, and the most blessings I will receive as a result of my stress and hard work haha love it! (:


--We started teaching a less-active member, Raquel, and her adorable daughter Dayna! Dayna is going to get baptized November 30!! (: So stoked, love these two so much.

--Biggest miracle...we were in a mobile home park just knocking and finding, and asked everyone for referrals. We were bouncing around from house to house all over the neighborhood because people would tell us to visit their friends! However, no one was wanting to learn more, and we felt like we could not find out purpose for being there. Then we were knocking on one house, and a girl came out from next door and started talking to us, showing off her cartwheels and all (: Then she introduced us to her grandpa and older sister! Long story short, we are now teaching this whole family--the Partida family!! Love them to death. We had a lesson in their home on Wednesday and had them all gathered around, learning about Jesus Christ and how His church has been restored, and how it blesses families! The light in their eyes was so real, they are prepared for this. Miracle!! They are so cute, the girls bought us a flower and invited us over for dinner next week (: 

--Our schedule was a little crazy this week, a lot of things came up which is what made it stressful. Here's a little synopsis of our week:
·  Monday-- Preparation day
·  Tuesday--Sister Training Leader meeting from 9-5
·  Wednesday--Mission Leadership Council from 9-5
·  Thurdsday--weekly planning and working with the zone leaders to plan Zone Training Meeting
·  Friday--training at Zone Training Meeting
·  Friday to Saturday--exchanges with Sister Lewis
·  Sunday--teaching Relief Society (more on that later...)
So basically most of our time was taken up by other things...didn't have much time to go out and find, I miss it!!

--Remember the Marlows from Granada Hills? My favorite people ever! They came to Stevenson Ranch and fed us, had a whole picnic and everything (: so sweet of them, love them!

--Exchanges were super fun. As I mentioned, I was with Sister Lewis this time! We saw tons of miracles! Went around a different mobile home park knocking and pretty much every person we talked to was surprisingly nice to blew us away! Such kind people, it was our lucky day (: We found a lady named Jasmin who met missionaries in the past but then moved, so she never got to talk to them, but she really wants to meet with us. Say no more! Haha so we are teaching her this week. Miracle!

--We put some long hours into planning our lesson we were teaching on Sunday...then we get to church and they inform us someone else is teaching it. Haha all that stress and hard work down the drain! But actually, we were really relieved. I was nervous and felt under-prepared. At least now we are really knowledgeable about "Loving God more than we love the World!"

--Steve has been doing well! He's moving right along, I adore him. His back has been acting up lately though from an accident at work he had a while ago. We had Brother Henao come over and give him a Priesthood blessing yesterday, it was really powerful! Extremely thankful for the Priesthood.


--Elder Larman starring intently at my hand...
Me: "Uhh, whatcha looking at?"
Elder Larman: " should be a hand model."

--In MLC, Elder Larman turns to me, "do you use.....watermelon shampoo?" Hahah maybe you had to be there. Just the way he says things cracks me up.

--While out knocking with Sister Lewis, we are walking up to a door and I hear her say, "Oh, a dog!!" So I spin around and at the same second it barked at me and I let out the biggest scream. Hahah it was embarrassing, the people inside were laughing at was a good way to break the ice at least (:

--While teaching Dayna:
"Is magic real?"   
"What about the dinosaurs?"   
 "I don't know about this whole 'baptism by fire' thing!" (after reading scriptures about the figurative 'baptism by fire' aka the Holy Ghost. See 2 Nephi 31) 
Haha she cracks me up!!


--Ahhh man, I learned SO much this week. Working so closely with President Hall and the other leaders in the mission, I'm filled to the max learning things! It's incredible, honestly I can't say it enough--I'm so blessed!! We've been talking a lot as a council about re-focusing on our purpose, which is baptism. That doesn't mean we are only focused on numbers, or don't care about the people--exactly the opposite! We care so much about the people, that of course we should focus on helping them progress and be baptized, because this is the way to happiness!

--I've also been focusing on teaching simply with spiritual power. Teaching clearly so that the spirit can manifest the truth to the investigators, and getting the investigator to be asking the questions. More of them talking and less of me! It's so important as missionaries to make ourselves as small as possible. This isn't about me, or my personality--they need to hear God's voice more than they hear mine. They need to be converted to God not to Sister Bishop. Really, we have to be extremely selfless and other-centered. It's a good lesson I'm learning! 

Well, that's it for this week! Love you all, thanks for the support and prayers, it truly means the world to me. Add in Adeline, the Partida family, Dayna, Raquel, Jasmin, and Steve to your prayers please (: 

Sister Bishop

Jumping on a montain top!

Sister Lewis and I!

Her blanket and my pillow matched (:

Me and Sister Lewis decided to take some jumping pictures of our own...too fun, I'm tellin' ya.

Went on a hike today as a zone!

Just chillin on a tree...

Me and Sister Naylor had way too much fun taking jumping pictures up in the canyon last P-day (:

Group picture!! Elder workman's face kills me haha he's above the neon-shirt guy. (:

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