Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LETTER 43: The one where Tessa does lots of service


This past week was great (: 

Sorry if my emails are boring...the weeks blur together. We have been finding lots and lots. Trying to help the investigators we have progress to baptism. Finding new investigators. Doing lots of service. Basically--doing missionary work. Nothing new (:

I'm learning about how much God loves us. It's a simple concept, but so deep and incomprehensible all at the same time. I have a strong testimony that God views us for all the good we are. Often, we measure ourselves as the gap between us and perfection. But God sees us for all the good! He doesn't look at how many times we didn't pray to Him, but He loves and praises us for the one time we did pray. This love never lessens. It never fades. It's not contingent upon anything else. It's simply always there. He desires our happiness. He wants to give us truth. He joys in our joys and sorrows in our sorrows, even just in the day to day monotony--He's there.

Greater purpose and peace comes from turning to God. There is a prophet on the earth today. Someone we can look to and trust as the mouthpiece for God. Even though God and Christ aren't physically here right now, they've given us a prophet and the Priesthood. They are real, and the gospel is pure. It's fullness is here. So partake in it!! Learn grow, and strengthen your testimony. Change. And then share it with your friends (: 

Sending my love and thanks. Until next week!

--Sister Bishop

Being goofballs doing service. Moving and cleaning!

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