Friday, December 27, 2013

LETTER 24: The one where Tessa has her 1st missionary Christmas!

Don't have a whole lot of time today to email, but basically the pictures tell all of what happened this week! Here's a brief re-cap


--We went on 3 exchanges! Crazy week. First with Sister Reese, then Sister Andersen, then Sister Taylor. Love working with these amazing sisters and learning from them!

--Got one new investigator this week named Andrew. He's amazing, and we had a powerful Restoration lesson with him. 

--Went on a temple trip as a mission! Best thing in the world, being in the temple with all these amazing missionaries I'm privileged to have as my friends.


--Elder Larman and Elder Stucki were trying to surprise us by taping snickers all over our door. I was sitting on the couch and heard weird noises outside our door and got all freaked out! So I told Sister Naylor, and she grabs a frying pan and opens the door. Haha she totally almost whacked them. Last time they try to surprise us! (;

--While contacting.
*knock knock*
Through the door: "I'm not interested!"
Sister Naylor: "Ok, have a Merry Christmas! We love you! I mean...uhh bye!"
haha she didn't mean to say I love you. We were laughing pretty hard.


--I've been learning a lot this week about the importance of listening. Listening is more important than talking! When we truly listen to people, it communicates love and concern. Also, I've been studying this week the life of the Savior. He is truly amazing, how grateful I am for Him and for His sacrifice for each of us. I love this season and having the focus be on Christ! Christmas as a missionary is the BEST (: 

Thank you all so much for your overwhelming love and support. I appreciate the Christmas cards and gifts, you all are so good to me! Have a very merry Christmas, and remember our Savior (: Love you!

-Sister Bishop

We had FHE with Dayna and Raquel this week, we had chocolate for the treat.

Dayna went to town!

And then she seriously went CRAZY haha she's wild.

Went out on an exchange with Sister Reese, my MTC companion! (:

It was our 5 month mark! Time is flyyyyying.

Exchange with Sister Andersen! More jumping pictures...they're too fun.

Me and Sister Andersen.

Exchange with Sister Taylor!

Taking "snow white" to a whole new level...So. White. haha

Sister Taylor, me, Sister Naylor, and Sister Wensel.

Abusing my companion...

Us again!

Found these sunglasses in the car, perfectly matched my shirt!

Got to go to the temple this week as a mission! Soo amazing.

Wiley Canyon Elders

Our lovely trainer, Sister Rhoades, and her "posterity"

Elder and Sister Arnold, our ride to the temple and mission medical experts! (:

Our Steve-o!

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