Wednesday, December 4, 2013

LETTER 21: The one where Tessa prepares to speak Korean

Sooo I have no time to write today, but I sent pictures so you have a little idea of what happened this past week. I'll explain more next week. Things were really awesome though! Haruka came to church and loved it, which was huge but wasn't in any of the pictures haha so I thought I'd make a little note of it. Love you all! Stay tuned next week for a big ol' report.

I'm gonna go start learning Korean. (; 


(Editor Mom)
Like Tessa said, she didn't have much time to write. They missed their Monday p-day altogether, because a group of new missionaries came in that day, and Tessa and Sister Naylor are responsible for taking the new sisters out for their first proselyting experience. Then on Tuesday, they had the transfer meeting and got a new assignment that put in motion a lot of busyness. She asked me to explain it here, but I think her words will say it better:

"Today was transfer meeting, this is where things get crazy. Me and Sister Naylor found out we are BOTH training two new sisters!! Confused? So am I. Haha we have 2 sisters who are Korean speaking, they are the first sisters ever to be assigned Korean speaking to serve in the mission. They are companions, fresh out of the MTC, in a brand new area, blonde haired from Utah with barely any knowledge on how to speak Korean. AHH! Makes for a little chaos, right? So Pres Hall assigned me and Sister Naylor to be their trainers. They live 20 minutes away from us, so we drive to their place every morning to do the 12-week training program with them. We also have to work with the Korean elders to get them all situated and everything. The korean elders will be doing language studies with them every morning as well. We will being doing role plays with them in Korean (so yes, I will be learning some Korean!!)"

Tired happy faces. (:

Exchanges with Sister Olsen, she's the best!!

Thanksgiving with the Matthews--me and Sister Naylor were good little helpers

Rocking our aprons

Brother and Sister Matthews--love them so much.

She caught me zoning out haha makes me laugh so much.

Dayna got BAPTIZED! (: She's the one next to Sis Naylor

The whole gang! 5 family members got baptized, it was beautiful.

Got to go to the temple (again) with our investigator Adeline, the Henao's from our ward, and Steve! Here we are in the visitor's center with the nativity's. We got to see the choir perform Christmas songs.

They covered the grounds with Christmas lights!

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