Monday, August 26, 2013

LETTER 6: The one where Tessa knocks three times

Hi friends and family!

Is it already another P-day? The weeks really fly by! Where to begin?

Well I've learned a lot this week...

Sometimes, you just really don't want to talk to another's a sad truth. But following little promptings and working hard even when you don't feel like it is how we find people! We had that happen so many times this week. Lots of great people were found, just because we opened our mouths and talked to them. Sounds simple, and it is--but it's still a lot easier said than done haha so I'm constantly improving and having to work on this.

So for me, the mission has seemed to bring out allllllll of my flaws and I haven't quite known how to deal with that. I've felt like I've been drowning in things I need to improve on, and every day I feel like I fail at getting better. So yes, it's been discouraging!
I had a moment of revelation and learned that I need to bravely face my flaws and trust in the Lord. I need to love myself and trust that He loves me no matter what. When my confidence is in God, I will be able to face my flaws and insecurities without feeling worthless. If I don't have faith in Him, I will never be able to change. But I can change, and I will. Because I know God loves me. I can bravely face my flaws because no matter what they are, my God is my support and He thinks I'm the best thing ever! Satan has been making me feel like I can't pray when I've been angry or messed up, but duh, that's when I need to most! I've felt many times undeserving of love or blessings because I'm so flawed, but I do deserve it. God loves me. Satan doesn't. I am not my mistakes. God loves me perfectly with a love I can't comprehend, and that's all I need to know. His love and the atonement will transform me, and I will change.
Needless to say, this lesson has been hard learned and I'm still working on it. But bottom line is, God loves me no matter what. I'm trusting in Him and giving myself over to Him, because I so desperately need His help!
--I GOT IN A CAR ACCIDENT!!!! Ok, it really wasn't that serious. But a car accident nonetheless. We were in the parking lot and a lady backed into us! It hit right next to Sister Rhoades on the passenger side, and now the passenger door doesn't open. So I get to cheauffer Sister Rhoades around while she's in the back seat haha.

--We went to visit a lady who was found knocking a while ago. As we're walking up to her door, I have a distinct feeling, "knock three times." Uhh what? So we knock once, wait....nothing. Knock again, wait....nothing. Usually we leave about then, so Sister Rhoades starts walking away. But again I think, "knock three times." So I knock again....wait....keep waiting....and finally someone answers! It was her son, Edward. We talk and he's like, "I've always wondered what you guys are always about!" So long story short, we've gone back multiple times and have been teaching him. NEW INVESTIGATOR! He's the best ever too, he has the best questions and really listens to what we have to say. I could teach him all day, I love it so much.
So another cool story! Just the smallest little thing, inspiration to knock three times. If we had left after the second knock, he wouldn't have come to the door, and wouldn't have had a chance to come closer to Christ. WOW.

--We asked Glen all the baptismal interview questions yesterday, and he passed the test with flying colors!! I started tearing up big time. I just can not believe how far he's come, and how much he's grown! He surprises me everytime we talk with him, his faith and growth is astounding! He is truly the biggest miracle, he's so prepared. It makes me completely joyous. His baptism is Sunday! Ahhh! I'm going to be a crying mess haha. Can't wait.

--We got a text from an unknown number saying:
Him: Hey is this Bishop?
Me: Nope it's the missionaries! (:
Him: So it's not Sister Bishop?
Me: Oh wait, yes it is!
Haha it was pretty funny. This last name of mine causes for a lot of jokes and misunderstandings! Proud to be a Bishop though (:

Well a couple of texts later, we found out who it was--a guy we talked to on the street a couple weeks ago. He goes on to ask me on a date to the Dodger's game...
No can do! haha
So I tell him sorry, this part of my life is dedicated to the Lord and we don't date, yada yada. He says, "You could just call it a day off!"
Nice try. Haha guess that's what happens when you're really nice and talk to everyone and give out your number!

--This week, Glen was super sweet and made me and Sister Rhoades a lunch to take home! He's said, "I want you to have a real meal, no more eating a cheese stick with a napkin soaked in milk!" haha what? We still have no idea what he was talking about...just smile and of those moments.

--While out knocking, we come to one door and this guys answers and tells us enthusiastically, "I'm a modern day Prophet! I'm getting baptised today!" Haha he was the funniest thing ever. We keep talking, one thing leads to another, and he just starts singing us this song, just belting it out for probably three solid minutes. We just stare at him, smiling while he sings his heart out. It made my day! He was quite the character. A memorable door contact for sure.

--We were in an apartment building and saw a guy in the laundry room, so being the creepers missionaries are, we go up and talk to him. We walk in and see he has a parrot on his shoulder! Was definitely easy to find a conversation starter with that one haha. So we mention the parrot and he just looks at us like duh, doesn't everyone do laundry with a parrot? I guess it was a normal thing in his world!

Well that's about it for this week. Loving it here, growing and getting better each day. This gospel is amazing and my appreciation for it has grown so much deeper. I can't even begin to imagine NOT being on a mission, even though it's only been a month and a half! This is definitely where I need to be, and the things I'm learning here are priceless. Most importantly though, I get to bring people to the gospel!! What better thing is there to do? I love you all, thanks for the support. Stay tuned for next week's adventures (:


Sister Bishop

Elders parking crazy, blocking us in. Happens every time!

Our poor car...

After a long day and in our PJ's! This is Sister Rhoades "tired face" I guess haha

This guy in our ward rides this bike to church every Sunday! Coolest thing ever:

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